Friday, 2 January 2015

Feature List

This is an always up to date list of current and planned features for GW2 TacO

Current features:

  • Marker system
    • Users are able to mark 3D points in the game world with several options.
    • Marker packs can be created and shared
    • Marker packs included in the archive contain HoT/DryTop/Silverwastes chest spawn locations (incomplete) and directional markers for the Gorseval and Sabetha raid fights.
  • Map timer
    • A configurable map timer window shows what's going on in the game world.
    • Configured for HoT maps by default
    • Now includes timers for World Bosses
  • Location based timer system
    • Based on the location of the player a timed message system shows text on the screen. This is currently only used to display cannon timers for the Sabetha raid fight.
  • TS3 integration
    • Using one of the default supplied TS3 plugins the overlay displays the channel you're currently in for each of the TS3 servers you're connected to. The feature for now is non-interactive.
    • Talking people are now sorted to the top of the list.
  • Tactical Compass
    • A compass that is displayed around the character.
  • Range markers
    • Flat range marker circles show up around the character. The various distances can be toggled on and off.
  • Mushroom markers with countdowns on when they will be back up
    • The mushrooms in the Vale Guardian arena show when they will be active again.
  • Grid for the health bars of enemies
    • Configurable, location based HP bar notches show phases of a boss
Planned features:
  • Extended key binding capabilities to toggle features on and off on the fly
  • Range display. You push a button to mark a location in the game world, and your exact distance to that location will be displayed until you push the button again.
  • Minimap that's able to show the markers you see in the game world.
  • WVW integration. I'm waiting with this until the big wvw updates.
  • Trading post API integration
  • Customizable daily todo checklist
  • Togglable vsync for the overlay (performance option)
  • Tactical arrow showing the direction of a point of interest
  • Speedrun tracker, a dot that follows your best speedrun of a particular area and lets you race against yourself
  • Notes window
  • Making the TS3 part optional (possible performance improvement on some machines)
  • Making the mouse highlight color changeable
  • Global transparency setting for the marker display.
  • Language file containing all the text in TacO so it can be translated by you guys


  1. If you take suggestions:
    - a timer for Shatterer's breakbar
    - Permanent markers on the Tripple Trouble wurm blocking spots (visible when zoomed in, but small and on the ground)
    - Slothasor edible mushroom spawn timer (every 50 seconds, starting with 7:00)

  2. A few more suggestions:
    - Using floor level vertexes to draw shapes with filled in color and a label. This could be used for example in boss fights to label areas or to draw location of traps in Super Adventure Box
    - Feet level vertexes to draw lines/paths (that or record player position and automatically place vertexes and connect). Can be used for mushroom eating paths or resource farming paths.
    - Have layers available to be shared via the program and then downloaded by others. Example: User creates sab tribulation mode path and then uploads via the program. This layer can then be downloaded by users (sorted/searched) and will thus persist between version upgrades.

  3. i saw some new tools this week ..someone use the same one as u creat but add some record nicly voice that we get direction for exmple on matti boss when he jump/dodge some nice robo voice worning few sec befor he doin doken /befor possion/ coroption and many more ..thats was amazing even pure noob can do raid with that shit

  4. Could we have the source code to build an OSX app, please? Gw2 Dps Meter has done that and we can use those addons, TacO would be great to use in a Mac.

    1. TacO is not open source. It's built on a UI engine that represents 5 years of work, something I won't make opensource for several reasons, only one being that it's used in many other projects as well. Also, TacO uses DirectX 11 to render which is not available on OSX.

  5. Please add boss timers in your next build. Its the only thing that is preventing me from using your overlay exclusively.

  6. It would be a nice feature if for certain adventures you have some of the paths you need to take for gold visualized. Most of them have a set path you need to take to get gold, it would be nice to have them drawn out.

  7. would be a dream come true is this ap could show a timer for the new and old zones when tanking vale guardian, so many tanks move too soon or too late :)

  8. Possible to make a timer for Matthias Shards of Rage and Blood Shards?

  9. I've noticed that resource nodes don't show up. Is this feature implemented? Only on certain maps?

  10. Possible suggestion: a DPS meter
    (coming from someone very salty that 1366x768 screen resolution is never supported on combat log reading ones)

    1. Just as soon as the combat log is exposed through an official API :)

  11. Excellent tool. I am using it a lot and will be sending some Marker packs to you soon.
    I have some enhancement suggestions:
    * The ability to add a number to each icon. Possibly based on the order it appears in the POI file or perhaps (and preferred by me), if an "AddNumber" attribute is added, through a dialog when it is placed. This would allow tracking of each point -- useful in Drytop for Numbered Lost Coins and other places. As it is I have created severeal sets of 60 otherwise identical icons that are individually numbered.
    * Add "Restart GW2 Taco" above "Exit GW2 Taco" while I am editing the various POI files I have to turn off and restart for the change to take effect.
    * Provide KeyBind option for enable/disable marker editor (already planned). Sometimes when it is active and get into a fight and I am unable to target things because the marker editor popup often (not always) appears even though I am not at a marker.
    * A non-square icon image gets stretched/squashed into a square. I redid the icon files that I had problems with, but the square requirement should be stated in a rev to teh marker pack post.
    * Allow markers set in a guild hall to show in all map versions of the guild hall. As more people enter, the guild hall switches to another map (looks identical) that allows more people. Any markers placed in another guild hall map are not visible.

  12. add an option to reset all the markers, sometimes i put markers in stupid places and can never manage to get back to remove them

    1. If you want to delete all the markers just delete the poidata.xml file from next to TacO while it's not running.

  13. Hey BoyC, great overlay!
    I'm currently working on adding paths for map completion using the same technique you used for the guild missions. This is taking quite a while per map. If anyone else is also working on this I'd love to share the load.

    1. So, I thought it would link that comment to my Google account. Oh well. You can find me in game at MajikSpyder.4027

  14. Hope you add paths for navigating twisted castle in raids. Including bell locations, which path should be taken, etc.

    1. I haven't really seen any good way of doing that since different people need to be doing different things, it'd become a huge mess...

  15. It would be nice if it was possible to add descriptions to markers that get displayed when the mousepointer hovers above a marker. You could even add the distance as additional information -> something like "Test Marker (237m)".

  16. hi would it be possible to make an option to check on and off, the ability to set custom markers (+ -)

    as even if u dont want to set them u do by writing a text

    and keys u normally dont use like screen up/down include/del pos1/last for example dont work

    would be a nice feature

    tx for the overlay it is really useful

    1. You can rebind the keys in the menu.

  17. Bug / problem encountered:

    - If the tag "MarkerCategory" contains a space and this category is unchecked in the menu, then TacO crashes at closing because it can not save the name in the TacOConfig.xml file (spaces are Not accepted which obliges for the readability of putting _ which are ugly. The first idea was to manage the space, otherwise a member of the team had the idea to transform the _ into space in the menu so everything is
    named with _ but will be visible with space.

    - Accents are a subject that may seem trivial to anglophones but for all other communities need the same minimal accents management, I will take the example of Eastern or Latin languages. Even if it does not matter, it will be great if that could be done.

    We took the view that the categorydata.xml would not be useful in the future or just to order the menus differently, so we opt for an integration of the menus in each of our XML. It turned out that this could in some cases cause a TacO crash having apparently times struggling to revert to a tree already created and with multiple additions (not all the time) so we opt for an XML per activity.

    A problem I encountered is also that if I have two identical markers in two different XML (because two different activities or routes) TacO does not get to the posters, it will display only one even if you disable The menu of this one. For example, for guild bounty, I wanted to have a XML for "Bounty > Classic Search > Name" menu (where markers are displayed one by one) and a XML for "Bounty > All Points Search > Name" where they are all displayed, one encounters the concern that even by unchecking one of the two, the markers that must be displayed one by one will no longer be displayed.

    And last problem, TacO dont allow to put markers where other are already in position, but if others activity (guild course and bounty have same way sometimes)

  18. How about some Discord integration? A lot of the people I know have switched over to Discord for many reasons (one of them being that it's free and it's been improving a lot since it first came out).

    Also, I don't know if it's possible (or ever within TOS limits), but perhaps some indicators on bosses to when something happens. This would really be helpful on the Sabetha fight if you have a green bomb on you and you need to throw it. Something like WoW's Deadly Boss Mods. Not sure how able that can be since I don't know what the TOS limitations are to something like this.

  19. Please give us an option for 4k scaling. The infoline is really small, you can't read anything.

    1. The info line doesn't really contain much useful info, it's for debug purposes mostly. If you want to make it readable in 4k go into the css files and change the font :)

  20. It would be extremely useful if you could add options to display big warning on raids that Iam for ex. "Poisoned" or "Corrupted", with options to change colour and placement on screen.

    1. Sorry, can't be done (legally) as there's no API for stuff like that.

  21. Hey love the tool. It is great and awesome. Hope you had raid wing 4 support soon, especially cairn, the first boss, for his green circle attacks, something like sabetha timer. Keep up the good work man :-)

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  23. It would be nice if this becomes available to mac gamers for gw2 like me... :P

    1. Sorry, the way TacO draws the UI and overlays it on the game is completely Windows specific, it'd take a lot of work to get it to work on Mac.